"My friend screamed at them; she says my eyes were open, but I don't remember a thing"

  • "They put something in my drink. It was as if the lights went out," says a woman who was drugged by two men who are both now serving jail sentences

They met over drinks in central Malaga and exchanged phone numbers. He, "well-spoken and very polite", said he was a pilot and showed her photos of himself getting onto a plane. She believed him and on the night that he invited her to his home, she saw no reason to worry. "I'm with Javi, bring a friend and come and have a drink with us," Carlos said when he rang her.

It was Christmas. Marina rang Raquel (not their real names) and together they went to visit Carlos, who lived in Alhaurín de la Torre. "I sat beside him, and Raquel beside Javi. They were very insistent that we drank something alcoholic. Raquel normally only drinks beer and they kept saying "No, no, have a rum or a whisky". In the end we said we would, and they went indoors to get the drinks," says Marina, who is 45.

Marina drank more than half of the rum and orange they gave her as the four of them sat chatting. "The atmosphere was really nice. We could never have imagined that it would end the way it did..." she says. In the sentence handed down by the court, which sent Carlos and Javi to six and two years in jail respectively, it says that the accused dissolved several 'trankmazin' tablets in their drinks, but Marina is sure that she and her friend had been given burundanga "because it wiped us out completely", she says.

For Marina, everything stopped when her glass was half empty. "It was as if someone had turned out the light," she says. All she can remember of the rest of that night, was Raquel screaming. "My friend woke me up because they were both abusing me. She said my eyes were open, but I wasn't aware of anything. Nothing. The nightmare began the next day," she says.

"The next day I rang Raquel. She remembered more than I did. She saw me with my eyes wide open, completely still, and she started to shout and insult them. Thank goodness she did, and she got me out of there. Even so, she can't remember how we got back to Malaga or how fast we went. It's as if we were like two robots. We could have been killed on the road," says Marina.

Police officers from the Women and Children Group (Grume) arrested Carlos and Javier after the women reported them. When officers searched a motorhome belonging to Carlos, they found "a bag full of women's knickers," says Marina. The two men were sentenced in February 2015. Apart from the prison sentences, they have been banned from accessing social networking apps for eight and five years, respectively.

Marina says she has lost a great deal of confidence since the ordeal. "I don't trust anyone at all now. This was a horrific experience for us, and we are mature, adult women. What about young girls? If this happened to them, it would ruin their lives," she says.