"It's like Only Fools and Horses meets Scarface"

  • Terry Stone | Actor

Terry Stone, 48, is an English actor who began his acting and producing career in May 2003 and over the past 16 years has carved a career on both sides of the camera.

A former rave promoter, Terry, who plays the character Tony Tucker, said all the characters in the film were based on real people.

He said: "Tony Tucker used to look after Nigel Benn and would walk him to the ring, they were good pals.

"Nigel didn't want to be in the film as he is a born-again Christian and his wife would kill him, basically, but his son (Conor Benn) jumped on it, and when you see him, he does look like his dad.

"They've re-created the McClellan-Benn fight, so there is some great stuff in this film.

"It's still violent and it's still a crime film, but they've also focused on the humour."

He joked: "It's like Only Fools and Horses meets Scarface."