Hot weather, bad temper?

Pilar Manzanares

When temperatures are excessively high people who suffer from meteoro-sensitivity often become more impatient and irascible


Silphium perfoliatum

Denise Bush

This attractive plant with bright yellow daisy-like flowers belongs to a genus with a fascinating history going back thousands of years


A special dinner to mark 25 years

SUR in English

Cudeca's twenty fifth anniversary dinner was held at the Michelin-starred José Carlos García restaurant


The enigma of the Roman theatre

The giant writing on the visitor centre of the historic site in Malaga tells the story of a slave who rose to be benefactor of the building

Antonio Javier López


A blast from the past with Sting

The former Police frontman treated crowds in Fuengirola to some of his greatest hits as well as songs from his new album

txema martín


Action and adventure on the Costa Tropical

While Granada’s coastline stretches from La Rábita to Cerro Gordo on the border with Malaga, it’s the two westernmost towns that are most popular among tourists

Jennie Rhodes