Sorolla's other Malaga painting

MALAGA Francisco griñán

The museum devoted to the Valencia artist in Madrid has changed the title of one of his works, admitting it shows the Peñón del Cuervo


Roll up for the magical musical tour

Tony Bryant

The Music Story festival next week sees tribute bands perform classic hits by some of the most iconic bands and singers of the last 60 years


Horticulture in space

Denise Bush

NASA are investigating ways to grow plants without using soil, a method that has been used for several years by commercial growers


Living with a bullet in the head

Rubén Cañizares

Ever since a drug trafficker shot him at close range, footballer Salvador Cabañas has been fighting for his life. Now, with the bullet still lodged in his brain, he has succeeded


Can a smartphone be ethical?

Fairphone, a made-to-last, sustainable mobile phone was promoted by founder Bas van Abel at the EmpoderaLive conference in Malaga

malaga nuria triguero


Asiatic yellow wood

Amur maackia, or Asiatic yellow wood, is a shade-giving, compact and adaptable tree, ideal for smaller gardens and patios

Denise Bush


Karma Guen, 30 years of Buddhism in the Axarquía

The Aldea Alta Buddhist centre in Vélez-Málaga has welcomed over 150,000 people since Pedro and Dorit Gómez converted the abandoned farmhouse they bought in 1981

Malaga Eugenio Cabezas