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International Tango Day in Malaga

'Piazzolla con Voz': the dramatic tango music with lyrics


On 11 December, International Tango Day is celebrated in Argentina, the cradle of dramatic dance. Malaga will contribute to this celebration with an unique show devoted to one of the most significant tango composers, Astor Piazzolla, who this year would have celebrated his 100 birthday.

Singer Norberto Rizzo and pianist Fran Romguer have come together to create 'Piazzolla con Voz' (Piazzolla with Voice). Their expressive show highlights the work of great poets such as Horacio Ferrer, Eladia Blázquez and Fernando Pino Solanas, who wrote lyrics to the works composed by Astor Piazzolla.

The revolutionised tango

The tradition of the Tango, now familiar around the world, was developed by the urban lower classes in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. In 2009 the traditional tango was put on the Unesco list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Saturday will be a great opportunity to experience the 'new tango'.

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Astor Piazzolla contributed to so-called 'nuevo tango'. He revolutionised the traditional tango in the 1950s by bringing new forms of harmonic and melodic structure into the traditional tango ensemble. The composer introduced new instruments such as the saxophone and electric guitar.

In the 1970s, Piazzola recorded an album with American jazz saxophonist Gerry Mullligan, and an album of collaboration between Astor Piazzolla and American vibe master Gary Burton was released in the 1980s. Nuevo tango nevertheless made the composer a controversial figure in his native land both musically and politically. At the same time, his music gained acceptance in Europe and North America.

'Piazzolla con Voz' will be presented in Centro Cultural Provincial María Victoria Atencia (Calle Ollerías, 34, Malaga) on 11 December at 8pm.

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Incidentally, the music by Astor Piazzolla will be performed by Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra in Auditorio Edgar Neville on 10 December at 7pm. Tickets are on sale for 15 euros and can be purchased at