Stefan Sagmeister.
Stefan Sagmeister talks about Beautiful Numbers

Stefan Sagmeister talks about Beautiful Numbers

Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister finishes his European tour in Marbella

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Friday, 24 November 2023, 17:06


Renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister visits the Costa del Sol next weekend to round off a tour of talks in Spain and Italy to accompany the publication of his new book Now Is Better.

Beautiful Numbers is the New York-based designer's way of looking at the world from a longer term perspective, a surprisingly positive view based on facts and figures.

The talk takes place on Saturday 2 December from 7pm at the Marbella Design Academy in Monda and rounds off the 10th Moments Festival.

Admission is free but invitations must be requested from or send a text message or WhatsApp 679 74 36 83.

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