A moment for Alegría in Malaga

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A moment for Alegría in Malaga

Cirque du Soleil premieres at the Cortijo de Torres fairground, with all its strengths on show: great stage design, impressive numbers and epic music

Regina Sotorrío

Monday, 3 June 2024, 11:58

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Whoever walks into this tent enters another world. A place where the laws of physics are defied, where it is not normal to walk but to fly through the air or spin inside a wheel. Here, people wear strange costumes and colourful makeup, and sing in a made-up language. Throughout June, Cirque du Soleil is bringing its universe to Malaga, with a new, updated and modernised version of Alegría, its most emblematic show.

Alegria began its run in Malaga on Friday with a sold-out premiere: 2,500 seats under the big top, set up at the Cortijo de Torres fairground. It is its most intimate and authentic format, with a closeness to the stage and artists that intensifies the impact of the numbers.

There are acrobatic bars, a Cyr wheel, a synchronised trapeze duo, a fire knife dance, choreography on aerial canvases, juggling, a flying trapeze, as well as a spectacular snowstorm starring the clowns played by Spanish-born Pablo Gomis and Pablo Bermejo.


This new Alegría dates back to 2019. Six years after its farewell in 2013, Cirque du Soleil decided to bring back what had been its flagship, the company's best-known show that had toured for 19 consecutive years. But first it had to adapt a performance from the 90s to a new generation and reinforce Cirque du Soleil's main strength: emotions. This version has spectacular stage design (including a huge golden crown with 120 spikes and 64 branches, a revolving stage and fantasy looks), numbers that are accompanied by a sigh of relief from the audience and epic live music, which is more rock and electronic than ever.

And, of course, the audience will listen to the company's hit song Alegría, which has been played over 30 million times on Spotify. The soundtrack, once nominated for a Grammy, has been refreshed with a modern arrangement, including the use of the accordion played by the young Galician Sara Formosa.

Cirque du Soleil has set up house in the Cortijo de Torres fairground until 30 June, with 85 trucks and more than a hundred people including artists, technicians, dressmakers, physiotherapists, pilates instructors, masseurs and cooks. Up to 150 people have been hired in Malaga as support. And all of them are here to make the magic happen.

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