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A lesser-known side of Picasso

A lesser-known side of Picasso

A programme of events that includes theatre and lectures are planned to celebrate the 142nd anniversary of the birth of the Malaga artist

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Friday, 27 October 2023, 09:30

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Besides being the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso's death this year, it was also 142 years since his birth last Wednesday, 25 October.

To commemorate the event, the Casa Natal (Picasso's birthplace in the city), is celebrating a programme of activities for the annual Picasso October which is being held until 29 November. The focus for the events is on promoting his life and work from a different perspective of his biography to unveil lesser-known aspects.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a theatrical poetry recital called Picasso: El Entierro del Conde Orgaz. Four actors and a musician will bring to life excerpts from Picasso's last literary text, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, in a world premiere performance by the Ángel Baena company. There will be four, 20-minute showings, at 8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm, and 9.30pm, with a capacity of 15 people for each performance.

The auditorium of the Casa Natal is also the venue for the presentation of the book 'Picasso. Conversations Book,' by its compiler, Rafael Inglada, and its editor, Raúl Alonso. This event will take place on 31 October at 7pm.

The book compiles interviews and conservations in which Picasso is heard not only as an artist, but also a human being, a family man in his private world.

On 13 November, the 36th Picasso October will move to the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, for a roundtable discussion at 7pm.

On 21 November, 7pm, the art historian Nadia Hernández Henche, will give a lecture (in Spanish) titled Objetivo Picasso. La Picassofobia en el tardofranquismo (Objective Picasso: Picasso-phobia in Late Francoism). It demonstrates how Picasso inspired critical and intellectual attitudes during the Franco regime.

On 28 November, the book Un Extranjero Llamado Picasso (A Foreigner Called Picasso) will be presented by its author, Annie Cohen-Solal. This work reveals how, during a period that spanned World War I, the Nazi occupation and the Cold War, Picasso had to fight to preserve his career, and his life in general, until he left Paris for good in 1955.

The last lecture , by Pablo Salazar, 29 November, is titled En el Nombre de la Madre: María Picasso López (1855-1938) (In the Name of the Mother: María Picasso López), which reveals aspects of Picasso's relationship with his mother, based on constant contact and the exchange of confidences.

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