Inés Bacán will perform at the flamenco cycle in Malaga. SUR
Intimate recitals tour through the main cradles of orthodox flamenco
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Intimate recitals tour through the main cradles of orthodox flamenco

Held in the patio of the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs in Malaga, the flamenco shows will continue until July

Tony Bryant


Friday, 19 April 2024, 19:06


Museo Fundación Unicaja de Artes y Costumbres (Plaza Enrique García-Herrera, Malaga) is hosting an intimate cycle of flamenco recitals that will bring together some of the most established performers in Andalucía. Held on the charming patio of the museum, which seats a maximum of 50 people, the concerts are currently taking place and will continue until July.

Hondos Caminos del Flamenco (deep routes of flamenco) will offer a geographical tour through the main cradles of flamenco, while highlighting formidable performers who have continued with this predominately Gypsy tradition.

The cycle presents singers from Cadiz, Seville and Malaga. These include Bonela Hijo, who will present his show, A Tribute to the Saeta, on Thursday 25 April, during which he will demonstrate why he is considered one Malaga's finest singers of saetas.

Other singers participating are Antonita Contereas (9 May), another celebrated singer from Malaga; Luis el Zambo (30 May), a Gypsy singer who hails from one of Jerez de la Frontera's huge flamenco dynasties; and Inés Bacán (13 June), a singer from Lebrija (Seville) who is considered among the most orthodox singers of today.

The flamenco guitar will also play an important role in the cycle, presenting two excellent guitarists from different generations. Sevillian master Rafael Riqueni, considered one of the greatest teachers in the history of flamenco guitar, will offer a concert on 6 June; while Malaga guitarist extraordinaire, Daniel Casares will deliver his unique style on 27 June.

The programme also offers other initiatives, like a conference on La Cañeta de Málaga and her husband, José Salazar (June 15), who have been at the forefront of the local flamenco scene since the 1950s; and 'A conversation with El Carrete' (May 29), during which the flamboyant Torremolinos-based dancer will talk about his long career in the world of dance.

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