The exhibition is housed in a room opposite the museum. SUR
Historical scientific instruments on display at Museo Andaluz de la Educación

Historical scientific instruments on display at Museo Andaluz de la Educación

The exhibition can be visited in a new room at the museum in Alhaurín de la Torre



Friday, 30 December 2022

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Key inventions in scientific research in the 19th and 20th centuries are the main attractions at the new exhibition room of the Museo Andaluz de la Educación (Andalusian Museum of Education or MAE) in Alhaurín de la Torre.

'The science that changed the world' brings together more than 250 original scientific instruments that teach us more about the technological advances of those times. This exhibition is housed in premises opposite the main building, which will serve as an annex to the museum and will offer the possibility of hosting school activities.

This initiative is in line with one of the MAE's basic objectives: to disseminate scientific knowledge and the role of experts through exhibitions, conferences and workshops throughout Andalucía. It is hoped that the material on display will introduce visitors to the history of the development of fields such as physics, chemistry and medicine.

This new exhibition brings together instruments from the collection of the founders of the MAE, José Antonio Mañas and Jesús Asensi,and include instruments used in the fields of of optics; acoustics; heat; the mechanics of solids and fluids; meteorology; vacuums; static and dynamic electricity; magnetism and electromagnetism; pre-cinema and cinema; anatomy, etc. There is also a special section on the great inventions of history.

The opening of the room, inaugurated last Wednesday, was attended by the Mayor of Alhaurín de la Torre, Joaquín Villanova, as well as the councillor for Historical Heritage and head of the MAE, Manuel López, along with other officials, José Antonio Mañas (curator of the exhibition) and Fernando Orellana, president of the Academia Malagueña de Ciencias. "A little over a hundred years ago, people did not know that atoms had structure, that matter has strange properties that defy common sense, why there is gravity or how life began on Earth or in the Universe itself. Today, thanks to the progress of science and technology, we have been able to learn or begin to unveil all these mysteries which are featured in this exhibition," said councillor López.

This project is the dream of engineer José Antonio Mañas and late teacher Jesús Asensi who, for 50 years, compiled educational objects in a private collection that now makes up this unique exhibition.

The MAE, which opened in 2019, aims to become a reference point for the history of science at an international level, with hundreds of objects and equipment from all stages of science education since the 19th century.

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