Govinda Schlegel and Pritam Singh in Malaga last November. SUR
Global Indian classical music duo return to Andalucía

Global Indian classical music duo return to Andalucía

Govinda Schlegel, who plays the sitar and sarod, and Pritam Singh, who plays the tabla, are giving three concerts in Spain in February and March

Friday, 17 February 2023


After hugely successful concerts in 2022, Musica Indica, an independent Indian classical music ensemble, continues its Andalucía tour.

A further three concerts have been scheduled for February and March with Govinda Schlegel and Pritam Singh taking the sitar, sarod and tabla to La Cala del Moral on 24 February, Marbella on 1 March and Cordoba on 2 March.

Schlegel explains that Indian classical music is one of the most highly developed musical systems in the world and its origins go back many centuries. Musica Indica perform traditional classical ragas (pieces of Indian classical music) from the 14th to the 16th centuries.

Schlegel is a world-renowned expert on ancient Indian music and its instruments and, in particular, the sitar and sarod.

He grew up in Germany and has been studying Indian classical music since the 1980s with various masters, including Ali Akbar Khan. He currently lives and works in Malaga.

Pritam Singh learned how to play the tabla at a young age from some of the masters of this instrument, including Alla Rakha and Anindo Chatterjee.

Singh lives in Birmingham in the UK, where he is the founder and director of the City of Birmingham Commonwealth Orchestra.

The dates of the concerts are:

24 February, 9pm at the Momana Yoga Studio, La Cala del Moral. Call: 647 823 494

1 March, 8pm. Ananda Mandira yoga studio, Marbella. Call: 620 503 001

2 March, 8.30pm. Liberación Escénica Danza, Cordoba. Call: 633 662 013

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