Sonora has been created especially for this festival and can hold up to 50,000 people. SUR
From wasteground to the biggest concert venue on the Costa del Sol

From wasteground to the biggest concert venue on the Costa del Sol

La Cala de Mijas has been transformed with the creation of Sonora, a 150,000 m2 festival venue with four stages, rest areas and much more



Friday, 26 August 2022, 12:22


If you look on Google to find directions, it shows you a piece of waste ground ending at a golf course and some residential buildings. Which is why it comes as such asa surprise to get there and discover the gigantic structures being built on land 150,000 square metres in size which leads to a hillside with paths, viewing points and shady rest areas. It makes you want to have a picnic there, or go for a walk.

This is Sonora, an ambitious project which has transformed the area into the biggest live music venue in Malaga province.

There was nothing here a few months ago, but now there are four stages - two will be in use at the same time during the Cala Mijas Festival - and the area can hold up to 50,000 people a day. Between 100,000 and 120,000 music lovers are expected to attend during the three-day event.

Three parking areas have been set up in Las Lagunas, El Lagar and at the racecourse, with space for 5,000 cars; there is an official campsite with 15,000 places and, of course, there will be more than 70 artists and bands playing music for all tastes. This is a very important event.

The Cala Mijas Festival may be taking place for the first time, but the organisers have firm hopes that it will become a regular part of the calendar and for that reason Sonora has been designed as a type of mini city with garden areas which will continue to grow, and a connection created with the Mijas Playa treatment plant so recycled waste water can be used for irrigation.

Free concerts on the beach

However, Sonora is not the only place where fans can enjoy live music for three days next week. There is to be a fifth stage called La Playa beside the sea in La Cala, and these concerts will be free to attend. They will take place on the same days but will start earlier, at midday. The concerts at La Sonora will begin at 5pm. The performers at La Playa will include La Dani, Kumbia Queers, Rakky Ripper, Laguna Goons and Dengue Dengue Dengue and DJs such as Dinamarca, GAZZI and 8kitoo, among others.


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