The exhibition at the Picasso Cultural Centre in Torremolinos. / SUR.

Exhibition of lockdown pop art and cubism

Tony Bryant

An exhibition of the works by Galician artist Moncho Borrajo is currently on show at the Picasso Cultural Centre in Torremolinos.

The free exhibition, which can be viewed until 30 September, is held in Sala Elena Laverón and includes 100 paintings that were largely produced during the coronavirus pandemic.

The collection – Desretratos, which consists of a body of portraits, was painted at the artist's home in Tenerife, and he claims it was his way of occupying his time during the lockdown in an attempt to "preserve his sanity".

The artist defines the portraits as a mixture of pop art and expressionism that analyses the face and represents the generation in which he has lived.

Moncho Borrajo is a multidisciplinary artist who is recognised as a follower of cubism and pop art. He has exhibited in more than 50 individual and collective shows in cities all over the world, and his work has appeared in several encyclopedias of contemporary art.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9am until 1.30 pm.