Grape treading during Cómpeta's Noche del Vino. / E. CABEZAS

Cómpeta's Noche del Vino celebrates the grape harvest

A thousand litres of wine will be shared and accompanied by traditional dishes such as fried breadcrumbs and 'pipirrana' salad

Jennie Rhodes

The village of Cómpeta will be celebrating its traditional 'Noche del Vino' (wine night) on 15 August for the first time since before the pandemic.

Now in its 47th year, the festivities will begin at midday and around 1,000 litres of muscatel wine, accompanied by traditional Axarquía dishes including migas (breadcrumbs fried in olive oil and garlic), with cod and 'pipirrana' salad, will be consumed.

The fiesta begins with a demonstration of the traditional grape treading in the village's Plaza de la Vendimia.

This will be followed by flamenco performances by Pedro el Granaino, María Terremoto, Arcángel and the flamenco group Antonio de Verónica, as well as live music and DJs.

In the evening, the fiesta moves to Plaza Almijara for the speeches and a tribute will be paid to former deputy mayor Adela Ruiz who died from Covid-19, "for the many wine nights she organised."

Live music will continue until the early hours.

Noche del Vino started as a way of bidding farewell to the people who would go off to the vineyards at the start of the grape harvest season. The traditional migas and salad were seen as a hearty meal that would set them up for the gruelling work that lay ahead in the fields.

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