Local theatrical group A Touch of Class raising funds for charity. SUR
A class act to raise essential funds for St Andrew's Chaplaincy

A class act to raise essential funds for St Andrew's Chaplaincy

Remember the Days will present music hall songs and dance routines performed by A Touch of Class



Friday, 5 November 2021, 14:54


The Costa's favourite amateur theatrical group, A Touch of Class, have lined two shows to raise money for the St Andrew's Anglican Chaplaincy, the Los Boliches-based church that has been providing outreach help to the local community since 1968.

The group, run by former dancer and choreographer Pauline Hulme, will present its Remember the Days show, a production full of favourite music hall songs, dance routines and sketches that will rekindle nostalgic memories of the 1940s and 50s.

The cast have been busy preparing for the shows, the first major production of the group since the coronavirus pandemic, and they are hoping to raise much needed funds to help the church continue its work helping the homeless and the needy in the Fuengirola area.

"The cast and I have been working so hard to make a wonderful nostalgic emotional concert full of classic songs like Land of Hope and Glory and plenty of traditional British music hall fun," Hulme said.

Tickets for the shows, which will be held at the St Andrew's Church Hall on 12 at 7pm and 13 November at 4pm, cost 10€ and are available by E-mail ( or by telephone: 684 395 018.

The group will also perform the show in aid of Cudeca at the La Vinea restaurant (next to the Yarama Hotel) in Fuengirola on Sunday 14 November.

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