Sara Baras brings 'Shadows' to Malaga

Sara Baras during a performance of 'Sombras', Malaga.
Sara Baras during a performance of 'Sombras', Malaga.
  • In an interview with SUR earlier this week, the dancer claimed that so many things, both good and bad, have happened to her in the last twenty years and the new show will focus on this journey

Sara Baras, one of flamenco's most celebrated dancers, is currently touring with her new show, Sombras (Shadows), a review of the two decades she and her company have been performing together.

The show, which will be presented at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga, differs from her previous works and the dancer claims it will have a different musical and aesthetic level than anything she has ever done.

Her previous show, Voices, was a tribute to the masters of flamenco song and Sara had to stick to the compass of the traditional orthodox flamenco, but with Shadows, she draws on the lighter, jovial side of the art.

In an interview with SUR earlier this week, the dancer claimed that so many things, both good and bad, have happened to her in the last twenty years and the new show will focus on this journey, but she pointed out that it was also a tribute to the fans that have supported her illustrious career.

“I love flamenco. I feel very accomplished because I have not stopped dancing for the last twenty years. I want to preserve everything that I have learned, and I would like to pass it on,” the Gaditana dancer explained.

Shadows is born of the feeling of freedom and incorporates traditional flamenco styles, like the farruca, (one of Sara's specialties) while utilising percussion and different musical instruments.

The 46-year-old dancer from Cadiz has chosen Malaga to inaugurate the new show, which features Rolling Stones saxophonist, Tim Ries, and also the work of Malaga artist, Andrés Mérida.

Andrés Mérida's drawings reflect the posture and movement of the dance and he has created a selection of images that portray the passion, colour and ambience of flamenco.

Sara's career began more than 30 years ago and her beginnings in Cadiz are an important part of her character. She was first guided by her mother, dancer and choreographer, Concha Baras and she also received training from some of the most revered dancers in the history of flamenco dance, namely Ciro, Manolete and El Guito.

She has performed with some of flamenco's greatest artistes, including Manuel Morao, Antonio Canales and Enrique Morente.

Today, Sara Baras is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognised flamenco performers.

Dancer, director and choreographer, since 1997, she runs her own company, Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras, which has produced 13 shows on stages all over the world, including the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall in New York.

The numerous prizes and awards she has received include the Best Dance Show, for 'Sabores' (Flavours) in 2008. She also received the Gold Medal of Andalucía in 2004 and was made 'favourite daughter' of Cadiz in 2006. She is respected for her work in the teaching and diffusion of dance, receiving the Asociación de Profesores de Danza Española (association of Spanish dance teachers)award in 2010.

Sara Baras has a deep passion for Malaga and she is no stranger to the coveted stage in the Cervantes Theatre and it is for this reason that she has decided to make the capital of the Costa del Sol her first stop on this leg of the tour.

The show will be performed from Wednesday 22 until Sunday 26 November. Tickets for the performance, which begins at 8pm each night, with the exception of Sunday, when the show starts at 7pm, cost between 18 to 54 euros and are available from