The CD Nerja under-16s with their coach, Sergio Bautista, first on the right. / SUR

Nerja football coach kicks out fans for insulting referee

Sergio Bautista, as a lesson in fair play, threatened to call the local police if the group didn't leave the football ground


Sergio Bautista, a coach for local football team CD Nerja, kicked out a group of his side's own fans after they had started insulting the referee. The incident ocurred during an under-16s game that saw Nerja face CD Rincón on Sunday.

After an on-pitch scuffle, the referee sent a player off from each team, which immediately made the stands erupt with anger, and a group of youths, barely older than 18, started insulting the match official. Bautista crossed the pitch and demanded that the young men leave. "Either you leave or I'll call the local police," he said.

The group apologised, but that didn't cut it for Bautista. "That wasn't enough for me. I wanted them to learn the lesson that you can't insult the referee," he said.

The coach, an ex-player at the club, wanted the incident to mean something to the youngsters on his team.

"We want the kids to learn that, before becoming a footballer, you have to be a good person and behave correctly," he said.

CD Nerja were up 2-0 before the incident ocurred, but afterwards they felt even more relaxed on the pitch and ended scoring a further six times, winning 8-1.