Natalia Baldizzone holds up her third European title. R. CORBELLETI
Baldizzone wins her third European title in a row

Baldizzone wins her third European title in a row

The local Fuengirola artistic roller skater defended her title on Sunday at the event held in Andorra



Friday, 9 September 2022, 10:29


Local Fuengirola artistic roller skater Natalia Baldizzone won her third consecutive European Championship in Andorra on Sunday.

The Spaniard was once again able to show off her power and technical quality in her two performances.

As in her previous competition, the World Cup in Germany in August, Baldizzone chose to perform her first routine to the sound of Lady Gaga, followed by a freestyle performance to Bizet's Carmen. Her final score was 148.16 points.

This latest win was Baldizzone's third European title in as many years. Her 2022 campaign has also been impressive, as the Fuengirola local hopes to repeat her 2021 feat, when she was crowned Spanish, European and World solo dance champion.

Baldizzone will be looking to do just that in her next competition: the 2022 World Cup in Buenos Aires, which is set to take place at the end of October.



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