Spanish royals make their debut on new Instagram account

Spanish royals make their debut on new Instagram account

The Royal Household, until now only present on X, has added a new social media channel to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Felipe VI's accession to the throne in Spain

S. Rodríguez


Friday, 21 June 2024, 17:45

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Just over ten years ago, in May 2014, days before the then King Juan Carlos of Spain announced his wish to renounce the throne and abdicate, the royal residence of Zarzuela Palace made its debut on social media with a "welcome to the official Twitter profile of the Household of His Majesty the King". This tweet was accompanied by a second message in which he again mentioned his new Twitter account (now X), but the message was written in the officially-recognised, regional languages of Spain and also in English. The aim was to provide daily information on the institutional activities of the Royal Family.

Well, this Thursday, on the first day of Felipe VI's second decade as King of Spain, the Royal Household took a new step into the world of social media with the opening of its verified Instagram account, following the example of most European royal families.

On its Instagram account (, images of audiences, events, speeches and other content will be disseminated with the aim of bringing the Spanish monarchy closer to the people. So, what better premiere than to immortalise in its first two posts the events of the 10th anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI, with a succession of 10 photos of the day's events and a video summary. Meanwhile, in the Instagram status for both, there were videoclips of the exhibition opening by King Felipe and Queen Letizia entitled A Decade of the History of the Crown of Spain, which can be seen until October at the Royal Palace.

And it was there that the King and Queen mixed with the masses as they coincided with dozens of visitors, who they greeted and with who they immortalised themselves in a frenzy of different poses for selfies.

In the first few hours of launching the Instagram account, it had already managed to gather more than 80,000 followers (24 hours later now at 144k) and, in turn, the official account of the Royal Household was already following 18 Instagram profiles: several different monarchies, the Spanish government (Moncloa, Congress and Senate), as well as the main European institutions.

In the main account heading they have set up themed sections: audiences, science, culture, defence, sports, economy, training, institutional, other activities, international, health, solidarity, sustainability, media and official overseas trips. Another five are there for activities involving members of the Royal Family on active duty, namely King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor, Infanta Sofía (only the first in line to the throne can be a princess) and Queen Mother Sofía. Former King Juan Carlos, the sixth member of the Royal Family, has not been active since he decided to retire from public life in June 2019.

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