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When precisely will the next partial lunar eclipse be visible in Spain?

When precisely will the next partial lunar eclipse be visible in Spain?

The spectacle will be visible to the naked eye and without any need for specialised viewing equipment for just a couple of hours this weekend

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Thursday, 26 October 2023, 21:24

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An astronomical spectacle will be visible from all over Spain on Saturday when the Earth's shadow takes a bite out of the moon.

It's called a partial lunar eclipse, and is expected to attract the attention of star gazers from all across the country on 28 October shortly after 9.30pm.

A lunar eclipse occurs as Earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking sunlight passing to the lunar surface. This causes a darkening and change of colour on the surface of the moon, which you will be able to see. In the case of a partial lunar eclipse, the earth will be between the moon and the sun, blocking part of the light.

When exactly will it be visible?

The phenomenon will be visible at different times depending on the area of the world. In Spain it will be visible shortly after 9.30pm, when the moon gradually stops reflecting the sun's rays. The website of the IGN national geographic institute allows you to see what you will be able to see and when, depending on where in Spain you are located. In Malaga, the eclipse will start at 9.35pm on Saturday and will end at 11.53pm. The peak of the lunar eclipse will be at 10.14pm.


How to see it?

Saturday's eclipse can be seen with the naked eye, without any specialised instruments or any risk to your eyes. Of course, a telescope or binoculars will help to enjoy the eclipse, but they are not necessary. It is recommended observing the partial lunar eclipse from a place without buildings, trees or large objects that prevent you from seeing the sky clearly.

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