What do the experts predict the weather will be like in Spain during November?
Weather forecast

What do the experts predict the weather will be like in Spain during November?

Samuel Biener, of the specialist portal Meteored, has offered his forecast for the second-last month of the year

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 27 October 2023, 10:55

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People in Spain can expect above-average levels of rain to fall across parts of the country during November, weather experts predict.

It would continue the trend of late October, a month which started with warmer than usual climate and ended with storm fronts moving across the country from the Atlantic bringing some heavy rain and a drop in temperatures.

"Rain this month usually comes from Atlantic fronts like the ones we have experienced recently. However, historically, at this time of year, there have also been 'cold drops' or 'danas' that have caused record deluges in the Mediterranean," said Samuel Biener, weather expert at the Meteored specialist portal.

According to his forecast, Atlantic storms will continue in the coming weeks, especially at the start of November, which could lead to above-average rainfall in the west and northwest of Spain, especially in Galicia, on the southern side of the Pyrenees and on the Cantabrian coast. "However, it will be very scarce on the southeast coast and the Balearic Islands, well below the usual," Biener added. In the second half of November, rainfall could be around the average for the time of year in all of Spain, he added.

"As the first few days pass, a NAO+ (North Atlantic Oscillation) situation will tend to gradually establish itself, with storms circulating at increasingly higher latitudes. If this occurs, rain will become less widespread and less intense as the days go by. In fact, by the middle of the month, we cannot rule out the possibility of a blocking situation over the mainland, with more stable weather, cold at night and fog," Biener said.

On average, temperatures for November are between five and seven degrees lower than those for October, "suffering a more moderate drop in areas of the northern and Mediterranean coast, Andalucía and the archipelagos," he said. "Based on the latest forecasts of our reference model in Meteored, in the first fortnight temperatures will be between one and three degrees above average in the eastern half of Spain, the Cantabrian coast, in parts of the interior of the mainland and in the archipelagos," Biener added. For the second fortnight, temperatures will stabilise over a large part of the country, "although they will continue to be higher than average on the Mediterranean coast, the Cantabrian slope and the archipelagos," Biener said.

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