Part of the seized money, drugs, and other items.
Watch as Spanish police bust gang that robbed jewellery shops to fund pink cocaine trafficking

Watch as Spanish police bust gang that robbed jewellery shops to fund pink cocaine trafficking

Investigators attributed robberies to them in Malaga, Madrid, Albacete, Valladolid, Alicante and Jaén

Irene Quirante

Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 17:49


The National Police in Spain have arrested four Colombian men as alleged members of an itinerant criminal gang who robbed jewellery shops in Malaga, Madrid, Albacete, Valladolid, Alicante and Jaén.

The robbery of a jewellery shop in Jaén last September was what allowed the officers to close in on the gang, as several reports of similar acts were detected in different Spanish regions. In all the cases, the establishments were located inside shopping centres and the perpetrators followed the same modus operandi.

According to investigators, the robberies were perfectly planned. To do so, the suspects went to the shops to be hit beforehand to inspect the premises, locate possible escape routes and detect where the store's private security employees were located. They also divided up the roles: a fake customer was assisted by an accomplice who was waiting for him on a motorbike and a third person carried out surveillance work.

According to the National Police, the gang carried out six robberies in jewellers' shops netting a total value of 190,000 euros. At the end of November, a coordinated operation was carried out in the provinces of Madrid and Seville, where the alleged members of the gang were based. Three of the four arrested have been remanded in custody.

In the searches carried out, the officers found two plastic bags containing a significant quantity of the drug commonly known as pink cocaine. This enabled the investigators to prove that the gang committed the robberies as a possible means of financing their trade in the narcotic.

In the raids, officers seized 4,465 euros in cash, numerous items of jewellery, a large quantity of clothing used in the commission of the robberies, GPS tracking devices, a remote video surveillance spy camera, and a large quantity of electronic devices and documentation related to members of the criminal group.

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