Murderers, hitmen, assassins, rapists... these are the ten most-wanted fugitives being hunted in Spain

Murderers, hitmen, assassins, rapists... these are the ten most-wanted fugitives being hunted in Spain

Some of them, wanted by various national and international courts, have been on the run for more than ten years and the force is now appealing for the public's help



Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 11:47

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The National Police force has launched a campaign to locate the ten most wanted fugitives who could be hiding in Spain.

Some of them, wanted by various national and international courts, have been on the run for more than ten years. they a wanted for a range of crimes such as homicide, murder, rape, sexual abuse of minors, drug trafficking and being linked to high-profile organised crime.

In order to locate these fugitives, the collaboration of the public can be fundamental, as they are likely to be spotted throughout the country, in which case, anyone who can provide any information to authorities can do so confidentially by emailing

Also, in the event that information received indicates they may be detected outside Spanish borders, the Fugitive Tracking Section has international cooperation tools which include the European Network of Active Fugitive Search Teams (ENFAST). It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take immediate action to locate and arrest fugitives in Europe.

Gregorio Navas Hernández is 37 years old and has five warrants out for his arrest. His criminal speciality is crimes against property and vehicle theft. The fugitive is 1.74m tall, has dark eyes, a fair complexion and tattoos on his right arm and left hand. He is considered very dangerous.

Jose Manuel Canela Vázquez, 50 years old, is known as "Ferramache" and is considered one of the most important drug lords - specifically dealing hashish - in the province of Huelva. He has been wanted since 2013 and has a long record of convictions against public health. The fugitive is 1.73m tall, has white skin, brown eyes and shaved brown hair, with marked alopecia. He is highly dangerous and prone to escaping, with an athletic build.

Segundo Cousido Vieites is 42 years old and was sentenced to 32 years in prison for abusing minors, using his position as a religion teacher. The fugitive was in charge of numerous minors as he organised different activities and camps. In 2019, in the town of Cambados, on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, he took advantage of his position of superiority and the trust the children placed in him to abuse them. Cousido Vieites is 1.80m tall, with a large build, white skin and dark eyes and hair. He does not present a high risk of danger but he does present a high risk of escaping.

Alberto Severo De Sousa Madureira, 53, has been wanted since March last year for murder. There is an ongoing investigation into a violent death after a body was found at a home in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia (Alt Penedès). The fugitive is the partner of the deceased and is on the run. He has a slim build, white skin, brown hair and brown eyes.

Jesus Heredia Iglesias was sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder and one year in prison for illegal possession of weapons. The events for which he is accused took place in 2009, in a bar in the town of Talavera de la Reina, when the fugitive and another person killed a third person after attacking him with a knife and shooting him repeatedly following an argument. The fugitive is 46 years old, 1.64m tall and highly dangerous and may carry firearms or bladed weapons. He has brown or blond, straight hair, white skin and blue eyes.

Jonathan Montoya Rendón is 39 years old and is a dangerous Colombian hitman wanted for murder since May last year. The fugitive gained access in 2009 to the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid where, in cooperation with others, they killed Colombian drug lord, Leónidas Vargas, who was hospitalised at the time. He is 1.86m tall, has white skin, an athletic build and both his eyes and hair are black.

Álvaro Pasquin Mora, 32, has been wanted since 2020 for an offence against sexual freedom. The fugitive is 1.70m tall, with a slim build, dark hair, white skin and black eyes. He has a large number of tattoos on both sides, legs and forearms, as well as a phrase on his chest that reads "the die is cast".

Domingos Manuel Pinto Coelho is 51 years old and has been wanted since August 2023 for continuous crimes against sexual freedom, specifically against his daughter, from 2010 to 2018, when she was a minor. He is 1.66m tall, with white skin and grey hair, brown eyes and an athletic build. He tends to escape and has a history of offences of a similar nature.

Baltasar Vilar Durán, nicknamed "Saro" has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for drug trafficking offences. He is linked to Colombian drug trafficking. He is 67 years old, has a fair complexion, a long face, blue eyes, and brown and grey hair. He is 1.71m tall and of slim build. He has large ears, and a large Adam's apple. He is able to escape thanks to his large network of contacts.

Marek Dawid LEGIEC, is wanted by Polish authorities for drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation, having acquired large quantities of narcotic substances. He is 32 years old, of athletic build, with brown eyes, has a mole on his left temple and tattoos on his legs, neck and arms, with a significant one on his elbow depicting a spider's web.

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