These are the two numbers ChatGPT thinks are most likely to win the El Gordo jackpot prize in Spain's famous Christmas lottery

These are the two numbers ChatGPT thinks are most likely to win the El Gordo jackpot prize in Spain's famous Christmas lottery

The artificial intelligence technology has analysed the data of the 210 draws held from 1812 to 2022 and offered its prediction for the 22 December draw

Monday, 20 November 2023, 18:10


ChatGPT, the generative artificial intelligence technology of the moment, has been put to work to predict the winning El Gordo jackpot number of this year's huge Christmas lottery draw in Spain. The technology has offered not one, but two numbers: 03695 or 02695. But don't rush to buy them, there are no more tickets available.

OpenAI's technology has not dreamt up a number, instead it has been 'trained' with the historical series of all the Christmas draws that have been held in Spain. Specifically, it has analysed all the jackpot results since 1812, reviewing a total of 210 numbers that have been drawn over all these years, and this year the ones that have won are the ones from Elche.

This year, the first prize will travel, according to ChatGPT, to La Cordobesa in Elche or Santa Cruz de Tenerife. "On Monday afternoon I started to receive several calls in a row asking for 03695 and thought it was strange", said Susana Irles, lottery ticket seller of La Cordobesa in Elche, told this newspaper. "In the afternoon all the tickets were sold out and also the ones I shared with the Tenerife administration," she added.

"The first calls came on Monday and by the afternoon all the tickets were sold out"

This is the first time - and she has been selling this number for seven years - that it has sold out in such a short time. "We always sold it decimo by decimo to the people who came in, but this year I've already been told that artificial intelligence is behind its popularity.

However, those lucky enough to have bought a 03695 'decimo' have the same odds of winning as those who have bought other numbers. ChatGPT is not able to predict an outcome in a game of chance. "I'm sorry, but I don't have the ability to predict specific future events, such as the results of the Christmas lottery," OpenAI's technology responded to this journalist looking for the winning number of the Christmas lottery. "The results of lottery draws are random and cannot be predicted with certainty," it clarified.

0.001% is the probability

of each number winning the first-prize jackpot

What has happened is that the OpenAI language model has responded to the only thing it can do, a statistical analysis of the results that have been given between 1812 and 2022, obtaining 03695 and 02695 as the most probable numbers. The possibility of these numbers being drawn is the same as always and the same as the rest of the balls: 0.001%.

"I don't have the ability to predict lottery numbers or provide information on which ones might be the most likely. Lottery draws tend to be completely random events, and each number has the same theoretical probability of being selected," he responds to the insistence. "If you decide to participate, do so consciously and responsibly," it advises.

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