Spoofing: What you can do to avoid the new telephone scam in Spain

Spoofing: What you can do to avoid the new telephone scam in Spain

The fraud consists of impersonating the real telephone number of energy companies, banks or public institutions, making the scam undetectable, police warn


Friday, 12 May 2023, 15:43


National Police are warning people in Spain of a new telephone scam where cyber criminals impersonate officials from energy companies, banks or public institutions and gain access to victims’ data.

Also known as ‘spoofing’, the scam involves making the firm's real number appear on the victim's screen, making it difficult to detect.

Until now a fake employee verbally requested the victim's telephone banking passwords.

But now, the crooks are warning their victims that for security reasons the password should not be given verbally to anyone, and that it should be dialled directly on the phone.

The fraudster then captures the keystrokes on the handset and controls the secret passwords from that moment onwards.

Although it is not a new method, officers from the National Police cyber crime unit said they have detected an improvement in the technique that makes it more difficult for victims to detect.

Tips to avoid taking the bait

- Never give personal or bank details without making sure that you are dealing with the company or entity in question. In addition, your bank, telephone company or utility company already has this information, so they will never ask for it.

- Remember that no private company or public institution uses this method to request personal data from its customers.

- Never provide card information, identity documents, tax returns, pay slips, usernames, codes and passwords.

- Do not accept, under any circumstances, the conditions offered in the same call or communication. Request that they send documentation or ask for a second call to carry out checks.

- Do not click on links in text messages sent to you and, in the case of bank accounts, always access them through the application provided by financial institutions, telephone companies or utility companies.

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