The man arrested for attempting to marry off his stepdaughter. Guardia Civil
Mother and stepfather arrested in Spain for trying to marry off 12-year-old girl for 3,000 euros

Mother and stepfather arrested in Spain for trying to marry off 12-year-old girl for 3,000 euros

Police investigations were opened after they learned of several neglected minors in Ciudad Real and, eventually, the child was located in Andalucía's Granada province


Ciudad Real

Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 12:07


Two people who allegedly tried to marry off a 12-year-old girl in exchange for 3,000 euros have been arrested in the central Spanish province of Ciudad Real.

Guardia Civil officers started investigating the mother and stepfather of the girl, who lived in the town of Malagón, last January after they learned of several neglected minors, and one who had been physically assaulted by her mother.

Police discovered the underage children were not attending school. Meanwhile, in the case of the girl who had been assaulted; her mother and stepfather had gone to where she was attending school with the intention of withdrawing her from the centre on the pretext they were moving to another municipality. Guardia Civil then found out from the girl's friends that her parents were planning to marry her off in Granada province in exchange for 3,000 euros.

At the time of the stepfather's arrest, he was carrying 3,800 euros in his trouser pockets, according to investigators. When questioned about the origin of the money, he said he had earned it during the olive harvesting season that had just ended. But the man was unable to prove this and was arrested, along with the girl's mother.

Guardia Civil continued searching for the girl who was found at a home in Baza in Granada province. She has been placed under the guardianship of the Junta de Andalucía's regional ministry of social inclusion, youth, families and equality.

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