Bargain-priced holiday scheme for pensioners in Spain opens for bookings from 1 July

Bargain-priced holiday scheme for pensioners in Spain opens for bookings from 1 July

The holiday discount plan for pensioners, Imserso 2024-25, is once more ready for bookings and you can bag a four-day getaway in October for 124 euros

Susana Zamora

Friday, 28 June 2024, 15:28

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Four-day getaways to major cities around Spain for 124.68 euros, eight-day stays in the Balearic Islands for 210.47 euros or ten-day trips to the Canary Islands for 435.95 euros (the most expensive available within this scheme). These are some of the Imserso offers that pensioners in Spain over the age of 65 can take advantage of from Monday 1 July until 22 July inclusive.

The trips will take place from October onwards, as stated in the BOE (Official State Gazette). The BOE also states all the conditions of booking, for instance, it will not be necessary for people already accredited to travel from previous seasons to fill in a new application, as they will receive a document containing their personal details and destination preference(s). However, should they wish to modify any of these details, they must return it to Imserso within the July booking period.

The Imserso travel programme is open to residents in Spain drawing a Spanish retirement pension from the Seguridad Social, users and beneficiaries of the Spanish Seguridad Social system over the age of 65, recipients of a Spanish widow/widower's pension over 55 and those on other Seguridad Social pensions or unemployment benefit over 60.

In order to submit new applications, it is recommended that they be submitted electronically through Imserso's website. The next step is to go to Imserso's website or its virtual office to download the application form to have a chance of participating in the new round of holiday deals. Once completed, it must be sent by one of the following means: through the official, electronic offices online as listed in article 7 of Order SCB/926/2018, dated 10 September, which regulates the Imserso Tourism Programme, or in a stamped envelope (not by registered post) to the following address: Programa de Turismo del Imserso, apartado de correos 10.140, 28080 Madrid.

For those people already registered on Imserso's database from previous trips, in the next few days they will receive renewal letters at their homes. The letters will include data modification forms so that, if necessary, they can notify any changes to their personal details and holiday preferences in order to then participate in the new 2024-2025 season.

This programme includes full-board accommodation in double rooms to share in hotels selected by Imserso. In provincial capitals, accommodation will be on a half-board basis and single room accommodation is also available, although there will be a supplement per night and per destination area.

The holiday package also includes return transport by the scheduled means of transport from the provincial capital nearest the beneficiary's main residence to the destination hotel, except in the case of the trips without transport and trips to one's own provincial capital. It also includes a group insurance policy, with general medical cover as per the national health system and support in the hotel itself, plus a programme of social and cultural activities.

Making some improvements

Imserso recently confirmed that it will extend the current tourism scheme for the 2024/2025 season coming up. This will be managed for yet another year by Ávoris Corporación Empresarial, in association with Halcón Viajes. However, Imserso added that there will be "the commitment to improve some conditions" that "have not been fulfilled" in the 2023-2024 season, something which the sector has been formally complaining about in recent months.

In view of this decision, next year will be of the same spec as the current 2023/2024 season. For the current year 70,000 new places were added, making a total of 886,269. The budget was also 14% higher, some 300 million euros, among other new features. Thus, no changes will be made to prices, places or destinations for 2024-25.

With regard to the current scheme, which has been criticised by the travel sector, Imserso noted in a recent meeting with employers' associations that there had been breaches in the implementation of the programme by the successful bidder, which "reduced the satisfaction levels and holiday experience of the beneficiaries, while negatively affecting the operability and image of the travel agencies involved."

For this reason, Imserso undertook to take the necessary measures to ensure that these breaches "do not reoccur" in the next run.

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