Don't fall for latest phishing fraud that claims Iberia is giving away flights

The fake promotion, supposedly offering 5,000 free flights on Black Friday, has gone viral on a popular messaging service


A phishing campaign on WhatsApp with the headline Concurso Black Friday Iberia 2022 (Black Friday Iberia 2022 contest) is targeting the public with false promises of 5,000 free flights in raffle prizes for completing a questionnaire.

But it is a standard phishing hoax which have the common aim of stealing private information, money, or infecting the mobile device through attached files or links to fraudulent pages.

Iberia said it was not conducting any raffles. "We remind you that all our raffles, contests and promotions are always published exclusively on and Iberia's profiles on social media networks," the company said on its official social media accounts.

Iberia also invited users to report any suspicious content they may have detected online.