Firefighters working after the fire at the Fonda Milagros nightclub (archive image). Vicente Vicéns/AGM
Five arrests in connection with fire at Murcia nightclubs that left 13 dead

Five arrests in connection with fire at Murcia nightclubs that left 13 dead

Among them are the managers of several premises and the operator of a pyrotechnic machine

Juan Cano


Friday, 24 November 2023, 17:39


National Police officers in Spain have arrested five people for their alleged involvement in the fire at the nightclubs in Murcia that killed 13 people in October. The case is being investigated for crimes of reckless homicide.

As SUR reported, the police investigation placed the origin of the fire in the Teatre nightclub, where there were no fatalities, and not in the Fonda Milagros venue, where the 13 people lost their lives.

The arrests include the person responsible for Teatre, the manager at the event, the promotor of the event, the operator of an ice fountain pyrotechnic machine, as well as the person responsible for Fonda Milagros. Further arrests are expected.

Detectives from the homicide group have concluded that the origin of the fire was, allegedly, the improper use of the ice fountain machine in Teatre, which started a small fire that soon spread through the roof to the adjoining nightclub, Fonda Milagros.

The 13 victims of the fatal incident were on the first floor of Fonda Milagros, in a room where Eric Hernández was celebrating his thirtieth birthday with family and friends. Eric also died in the blaze.

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