Firefighters working at the scene of the fire. Photo: Bomberos Murcia / Video: Europa Press
112 incident

Death toll rises to 13 after fire sweeps through a nightclub in Murcia region of Spain

It is not ruled out that more bodies may be found inside the affected premises after the blaze in the early hours of this Sunday morning

Rubén García Bastida


Sunday, 1 October 2023, 11:08


At least 13 people died in a fire that swept through three nightclub venues, Golden, Teatre and Fonda, in the Murcia region of Spain early this Sunday morning (1 October). However, it is suspected that there could be more fatalities, as confirmed by the 112 emergency services coordination centre, once the fire was extinguished. Firefighters have entered the premises to locate missing persons, and so far 13 bodies have been found, the mayor of the city, José Ballesta, confirmed.

Some 40 firefighters and 12 vehicles were deployed to the location after the fire broke out and are currently working at the scene.

Apparently, all the deaths occurred at the Fonda nightclub. Police sources also indicated that, according to the first investigations, the fire originated in those premises and spread to the Teatre room on the upper floor and later to the Golden nightclub.

The missing persons belong to a group who were celebrating a birthday party in the upper area of the Fonda venue, one of the three nightclubs affected, when the blaze started. In addition, the friends of another person not involved in the party have lost contact with her. Firefighters are currently working to try to gain access to the area where family and friends said they were at the time the fire started. The area is difficult to access and appears to have suffered structural damage due to the blaze.

According to the 112 emergency services, four people were affected by smoke inhalation, two of whom required hospital treatment. The injured are two women and two men, aged between 22 and 45

The city council has enabled the Murcia Palacio de los Deportes sports facilities to care for the families of the dead and the missing. A team of psychologists, social workers, ten Civil Protection volunteers and two Local Police officers are supporting family and friends. A separate area has been set up for the most serious cases that require psychological attention.

A spokesperson for the Sala Teatre, María Dolores Abellán, said that the fire that started this morning in a nightclub area in Las Atalayas did not start in her premises, but in the adjacent one and that is where most of the fatalities occurred.

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