Video: driver caught trying to stop other vehicles from overtaking on motorway in Spain

The man was recorded driving very slowly while occupying both lanes of a motorway, preventing other cars from passing him


Thursday, 21 March 2024, 10:55


The Guardia Civil have accused a 53-year-old man of reckless driving after he was caught occupying both lanes of a motorway, preventing other vehicles from overtaking him. Emulating one of the famous scenes from the film Wild Tales (or Relatos Salvajes in Spanish), directed by Damián Szifron in 2014, the man was driving at a very low speed in the centre of the CM-42 motorway (Autovía de los Viñedos) at Villafranca de los Caballeros in Toledo, central Spain.

When another vehicle tried to overtake him, the offending driver, who was in an Audi, blocked its path by changing lanes. A passenger in another car recorded the bizarre scene. In the footage, another vehicle can be seen managing to overtake the Audi, at which point the Audi starts a full-speed pursuit until it gets back in front, slows down and continues to block traffic again.

The person who recorded the video sent it to Guardia Civil's e-mail address,, which prompted a police response. Officers then identified the 53-year-old driver, who has been charged for reckless driving and been brought before the magistrate's court in Orgaz in Toledo.

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