Europe's largest artificial lake with crystal-clear water.
Spain is home to Europe's largest artificial lake

Spain is home to Europe's largest artificial lake

The 17,000-square-metre site boasts crystal-clear water, two islands, several beaches and offers a wide variety of leisure activities

María Ramírez


Monday, 1 July 2024, 17:24

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Spain's Murcia region in the south east of the country is home to all kinds of beauty spots, including the Bolvonegro Strait, the unspoilt area around the Cueva de Lobos and the Mahoya desert.

One of the area's best-kept secrets, however, is Europe's largest artificial lake, with its crystal-clear water. The approximately 17,000-square-metre site is in Santa Rosalía, a district of Torre Pacheco. The lake features two palm-fringed islands and white sandy beaches facing south, east and west.

@viajeando 📍ESTO ES MURCIA‼️ 📌El lago artificial de aguas cristalinas más grande de Europa🌊 📌El mini golf mas grande de Europa🏌️‍♂️⛳️ ℹ️ Se encuentra en Torre Pacheco, en concreto en Santa Rosalía ✅El acceso es libre pero el baño solo es posible si eres residente🏊‍♂️ 🍽️ Puedes comer con estas vistas en @lareservabeachsportclub 🏌️‍♂️Jugar al golf a traves de @adventuregolfsantarosalia 👉Gran alternativa a las Maldivas🏝️ #lugarescuriosos #murcia #viaje #queverenmurcia #quevisitarenmurcia #torrepacheco #santarosalia #lagosantarosalia #descubremurcia #maldivas #alternativamaldivas ♬ I Got Summer On My Mind - Jay Dunham

Technology called Crystal Lagoons allows the water to be conditioned for swimming "in the most efficient way". The innovative method is positioned as a "world leader" in the treatment and maintenance of large areas of water and thanks to this system, they use up to "a hundred times" fewer chemicals than conventional systems. It can operate with a closed circuit, in other words they purify and reuse the same water.

What to do

The leisure activities on offer on and around the lake are designed for all tastes and ages. There is kayaking and paddle surfing on the lake itself and beach volleyball facilities on the beach. There are also spaces for activities such as yoga or pilates, picnics and walking.

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