One of the floats during the Pride parade in Torremolinos.

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One of the floats during the Pride parade in Torremolinos. SUR

Torremolinos Pride celebrates diversity with a record turnout and its sights set on hosting EuroPride 2027

The Costa del Sol holiday resort registered a new attendance record at the LGBT community’s annual large-scale party which attracted around 75,000 people

Víctor Rojas


Monday, 3 June 2024, 13:02

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A family walks with their children through the streets of Torremolinos, a scene that can be found in any town along the Costa del Sol, but this one has a different, special, diverse and liberal touch. The children wear their rainbow T-shirts, while their parents – a couple made up of a man and a woman – wear bracelets with the six colours that represent all the people who are part of the LGBT community. In the background, the parents explain to the children, ages five and eight, the reason for the floats and the values of Pride. With enthusiasm reflected in their eyes, these children sang, danced and began to create awareness of respect, freedom and equality during the Pride parade that took place in Torremolinos at the weekend. Each year the festivity and the fight for rights merge to guarantee the development of full lives regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in addition to celebrating the steps that have been taken in recent years and remembering the importance of not going back on them.

Together with this family, around 75,000 more people, the highest number in its history, took to the streets to demonstrate that they should not forget their role models, not leave the elderly behind and value education to achieve real equality.

Torremolinos' candidacy to host EuroPride 2027 was one of the main themes of the march. Under the motto 'Embracing cultures, building bridges. Diversity is part of our DNA', the town looks towards Europe with the hope that this huge LGBT party will be staged in this municipality, which promotes diversity throughout the year.

“It would be wonderful to welcome all Europeans to Torremolinos,” a local resident says, smiling as she watches the 17 floats pass by while sitting on her walker, proudly cooling herself with a rainbow-coloured fan.

Among these 17 floats was the one organised by SUR and SIX, on which the spirit of the party could be seen, but without forgetting the key reason for it all: the rights of the group and the intention of the town to host the EuroPride in 2027.

“It would be a great prize for a municipality that cares about the community throughout the year,” said José, a Madrid native who, “every time he can”, escapes to Torremolinos.

Breaking down barriers

As happens in general society, men usually have more representation than women, something that extends to the LGBT community. However, this year, Torremolinos Pride began to break down this barrier. This was seen during the Pride parade with the first float in the event’s history dedicated exclusively to the women.

“They are very grateful and very proud,” commented Alexandra Solís, founder of Afrodita group.

“It has been hard work, but we have achieved it and we hope that this does not stop here, that it is the first of many,” Solís added.

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