SUR launches the sixth edition of SIX, the magazine for the LGBT community in Andalucía

SUR launches the sixth edition of SIX, the magazine for the LGBT community in Andalucía

This year the publication, the only one of its type published by a newspaper in Spain, will move from only covering provincial topics in Malaga to representing LGBT affairs across the entire region

Iván Gelibter

Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 16:27


As every year, coinciding with Torremolinos Pride, SUR launches its new edition (already the sixth) of SIX, the newspaper's own magazine dedicated to the LGBT community.

The magazine, which is currently the only publication of its kind published in Spain by a newspaper, will be presented this Wednesday 22 May at the Hotel Meliá Costa del Sol, in an event which can be followed live on from 7pm.

Launched in 2018, this publication aims to delve into the social reality, current affairs, culture and even the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) economy through a series of reports, interviews, information and feature articles, but with the aim of making it interesting for all readers, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In addition, SIX celebrates the second anniversary of its web version in 2024 ( In this section you can not only find the contents of the magazine, but it has also been updated with all the information, interviews and reports directly or indirectly linked to the LGBTI community, with huge success among its readers.

However, the big milestone of this publication in 2024 is that its scope has become more than just the province, but wider Andalucía as well. Although Torremolinos is the starting point for the community both in Andalucía and in Spain, all the provinces of the region will be well represented in SIX from this issue onwards. This year's edition also celebrates the fact that the magazine is the first media to join Redi, the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion.


Although positive steps are constantly being taken, LGBT phobia continues to be a subject that needs to be eradicated; an action in which the media have a lot to say. This is the main motivation behind the creation of the magazine: to give visibility to the community through diverse and quality content in the framework of a pioneering publication.

Specifically, on this occasion, the cover is dedicated to this issue. In June 2023, Divino, one of Spain's most international LGBT artists, suffered an assault that almost cost him his life and forced him to undergo surgery. Almost a year after that and without having returned to the stage, Divino tells SIX exclusively what happened and how he feels today.

In addition, the 2024 edition will delve into extremely relevant issues, such as the analysis of the situation of lesbian women in Andalucia, and the paradox that lesbian audiences are orphaned of their own spaces. Another of the major themes is Jedet's testimony about her transition. The artist reflects on this process together with the doctor from Malaga who performed the hair grafts on her, Dr. Antonio Burgos.

What is the programme for this year's Pride? Why does Marlon Brando come close to being an LGBTI icon? What are the myths and realities of gay and lesbian sex? These are some of the questions that SIX will try to answer.

SIX is a view from the south, and therefore the reality of Andalucia, intimately linked to tourism, has been taken into account. For this reason, the magazine has decided that all the content of interest will appear on the website in both Spanish and English, on SUR in English (

The printed edition of SIX will be free of charge, and will be available from Thursday 23 May in many places in Andalucía: restaurants and bars, shops, beach clubs, associations, hotels, travel agencies, town halls and tourist offices, among others.

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