No lectures please

Let us enjoy the restaurant experience for what it is - is there any need for killjoy information to be slapped on the menu?


Isn't visiting a restaurant supposed to be an enjoyable experience? Surely, we go to relax, appreciate decent food and have good time, often in the company of family or friends. The ambience of a good restaurant is unique, and if we find ourselves outside one at the hour people are leaving, we will normally see happy and contented customers, chatting and enjoying physical contact, whether it be kissing, embracing or just vigorous handshaking. It all testifies to how sharing food can upgrade a normal relationship to a more intimate affair. The wine helps of course.

So why should anyone want to spoil these delicious moments by printing superfluous and killjoy information on the menus? Are we really so concerned about the calories we may consume that we want to see them enumerated against each dish? And while perhaps many responsible citizens are understandably worried about climate change, and can make allowances in their private lives by taking conscientious measures, are we going to change our order from a fried fish to a grilled one because of its carbon footprint? Even worse, there is a trend launched this week by an Andalusian hamburger chain, which takes the trouble to explain on its menus how it remunerates its employees fairly, respecting economic considerations, and keeping within the law and without jeopardising their human rights.

Most similar information is available in the public domain for any concerned individual, and if we are interested, we will find it, so please don't thrust it down our throats when we go out to enjoy a restaurant meal.