Don't let the current situation take your joy away; enjoy your life


If you watch a lot of television, or follow what's going on in the news, or spend ages on internet, you will lose your pleasure in life. Even going into a shop can kill your enthusiasm, because people in all of them have such frightened expressions on their faces these days.

I used to love buying half a litre of fresh orange juice from the supermarket, from one of those machines with a big basket of oranges that fall down a chute, are squeezed by a type of whirligig and end up as juice in a bottle. That half-litre used to cost me 2.30 euros; it costs 3.50 now. So I don't buy it any more. But I was glad to give it up because, honestly, water is an excellent drink with breakfast. It's great not to have orange juice.

You put the prices up, I drink water. At the moment it's cheap to drink water. And if you put the price of petrol up, I go for walks in the countryside. I walk, instead of driving.

Always look for joy in your life. They can't touch that. Everything conspires to steal it from you. Don't let it. If Spain is the only country in Europe where we have to wear a mask on public transport, I make one at home, a white one, and I write two words on it: Te Quiero, meaning I Love You. Fantasy is also a weapon against those who want to steal your joy in life.

There is a greater good in everyone's life, and that is health. We now know that health has two parts, one in the body and the other in the mind. And we now also know that the health of the soul has too many invisible enemies.

Don't look too often at how much money you have in the bank, or you will lose your joy in life. Don't intend to replace your fridge; repair the old one, you will feel better. Take your worn shoes to the cobbler. Don't change your car.

See how your old fridge does exactly the same as the best ones on the market: it keeps whatever you put in it cold, and that's amazing.

Your old shoes do exactly the same as the newest ones in the shops: you put your feet in them and walk. And your car takes you to places in exactly the same way as the latest models with the most ecological technology in the world.

And it is always more ecological not to throw anything away. Especially when they want you to throw your pleasure in life in the bin.

And if you don't put the TV on and you don't know what's going on, you do in fact know everything, especially what is most important: you are listening to the solitude of your incessantly beating heart, and that is the only thing that matters.