Wilson and Giménez.
Spanish group joins campaign for public vote on final Brexit deal

Spanish group joins campaign for public vote on final Brexit deal

The PeoplesVote was launched on in London last Sunday and has the support of pro-European celebrities and politicians

Jennie Rhodes

Friday, 20 April 2018, 14:29


Bremain in Spain, the anti-Brexit group formed by British residents in this country, joined last weekend's launch of the PeoplesVote campaign, aimed at securing a public vote on the UK's final deal for its exit from the EU. Pro-Europe organisations were joined by actor and campaigner Patrick Stewart, comedian Andy Parsons and MPs in London for the event.

Thousands of anti-Brexit campaigners took to the streets around the UK on Saturday to raise awareness and collect signatures to take to politicians. Further events have been planned for the coming months, including a rally in Westminster on 23 June, on the second anniversary of the referendum.

European Citizen's prize

Bremain in Spain has been nominated for an award by Spanish MEP, Teresa Giménez Barbat. The MEP announced her plan to put forward the anti-Brexit group for the European Citizen's Prize during a visit by Chair of Bremain in Spain, Sue Wilson, to the European Parliament in Brussels last week.

Each year, the European Parliament awards the prize to individuals, associations or organisations that have displayed exceptional achievement and/or outstanding commitment in areas such as cultural cooperation contributing to the strengthening of a European spirit. Wilson said, To say I am chuffed would be an understatement.

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