Passers-by carry umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun last Sunday in Malaga city. Francis Silva
Will these summer-like temperatures continue for Spain's National Day public holiday on Thursday?
Weather forecast

Will these summer-like temperatures continue for Spain's National Day public holiday on Thursday?

State weather agency Aemet is forecasting the entry of an Atlantic front that could generate some instability in different parts of the country this week

Monday, 9 October 2023, 09:47


The summer heat doesn't want to say goodbye to Malaga province and the Costa del Sol. Although we're well into the month of October temperatures continue to hover around the 30C mark, with maximums above normal for this time of year, and it seems that, at national level, it will not change much until at least next Wednesday when Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) forecasts the entry of an Atlantic front that could cause some instability in different parts of the country.

From today Monday, 9 October,, although weak and scattered showers are not ruled out, especially on the coast of Malaga, everything points to the fact that they will hardly leave any rain in the province. In fact, according to the local weather expert José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Tormentas y ra rayos' (Storms and lightning), there will be "very little". "There may be a few drops in the early hours of the morning when there are low clouds from the east". As for temperatures, they will drop slightly to between 25 and 26 degrees while the minimum temperatures will see little change.

As explained by Aemet spokesperson, Rubén del Campo, following another weekend of high temperatures, more typical of August than of October, they are going to be maintained across the country. In fact, the weather will be anticyclonic and temperatures will continue to be above normal for this time of year until Wednesday or Thursday, especially daytime temperatures. According to del Campo, they will be between 10 and even 15C above normal, especially in the northern half of the country. The only exception will be on the shores of the Mediterranean, where the thermometers will be more in line with this time of the year, with easterly winds blowing.

12 October public holiday

The weather situation could change, then, in the run-up to the 12 October national public holiday (Día de la Hispanidad) in Spain. From Thursday to Sunday Aemet points to the entry into the mainland of an Atlantic front that will increase instability with cloudy skies and rainfall in the northwest, "initially limited to Galicia, extending throughout the period to the Cantabrian Sea, and also being likely in the rest of the northwestern half and the Pyrenees. Heavy rainfall is expected in western Galicia".

"Although stable weather is forecast for the southeastern half of the mainland and the Balearic Islands during the first half of the period, with a wide margin of uncertainty, the most likely scenario is that the front will eventually affect these areas during the second half, leaving cloudy skies and without ruling out rain. These will be less likely the further southeast, although there is a low probability that they could be heavy in the Levante areas. Except for increases in Mediterranean areas, as well as at the beginning in the Cantabrian Sea, temperatures are expected to fall across the board, remaining at normal values for the season", the forecast pointed out.

Finally, easterly winds will blow in the Strait of Gibraltar, turning to westerly, "and westerly and southerly winds will predominate in the rest, with strong intervals on the coast and mountains of the northwest, and after the passage of the front they are expected to veer towards northerly winds in the north of the mainland".

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