When will this cold snap on the Costa del Sol end?

When will this cold snap on the Costa del Sol end?

Malaga Airport’s weather station recorded a minimum temperature of just over 1 C on Sunday, although it wasn’t a record low



Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 09:47

It is the most frequently asked question on the streets of Malaga province at the moment: How long will this cold spell last?

Well, the answer is that the end is already very close... so much so that this week the mercury will finally rise and, although the temperatures will continue to be winter-like, they will be at the normal values ​​typical of early February.

The director of Aemet's Malaga weather centre, Jesús Riesco, has confirmed that the temperatures for the second half of January have been well below normal, and they will continue to be so during the first half of this week, although in the second part they will tend to pick up.

Sunday was the coldest day so far of winter in Malaga city, with a minimum of just 1.1 C recorded at the Costa del Sol airport. Although it is a very low value, it is not a record, which was set on 16 January, 1985, with -2.6 degrees. Yesterday saw 14 C maximum and 5 degrees minimum registered; while today the start of the gradual rise will be noticeable: it will be 17 degrees during the day and 5 at night.

Normal values

Wednesday will be the day on which the weather change will be most noticeable: it will reach 8 C at dawn (the maximum will continue at 17). From that moment on, the weather will stabilise, with slight ups and downs, around these values, and during the first weekend of February it will mark 18 during the day and 9 at night. "These are normal values ​​for the beginning of February in Malaga," Riesco clarified.

José Luis Escudero, an expert in Malaga meteorology and head of the ‘Tormentas y Rayos’ blog, said that, despite the fact that daytime temperatures were higher yesterday, the Levant brought down the wind chill. In any case, he agrees with the head of Aemet that, as of 1 February, the minimum will continue to be low and will be "normal for these dates", while the maximum will recover, to around 17-18 degrees.

A sheet of ice on a road in the Serranía de Ronda. VANESSA MELGAR

Inland in Malaga province, there will continue to be frosts, with nocturnal values ​​of zero degrees or minus figures, and it is possible that there will be weather warnings for low temperatures. In fact, in recent days there have been some minor traffic accidents due to the presence of ice on roads in the Serranía, reports Vanessa Melgar.

No rain

On the other hand, the week will be marked by the return of the easterly wind, which is the most common feature on the Malaga coast; although no rain in sight, at least until the middle of the month. On Sunday there were some short showers, which fell in the form of snow in parts of the province. The rest of this week and next will be dry.




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