After a new thermal drop on Tuesday, 31 January, the mercury will begin to rise gradually. File image SUR
What will the weather in Spain be like in February?

What will the weather in Spain be like in February?

January will bow out with sun and no rain - but very cold, according to the experts at state weather agency Aemet


Monday, 30 January 2023, 18:01


The month of January in Spain will end with bright, sunny skies, without rain but cold and after a new thermal drop on Tuesday, 31 January, the mercury will begin to rise gradually so that the month of February will arrive with a little more warmth, the state weather agency has predicted.

Aemet spokesperson, Beatriz Hervella, said that the most significant thing this week will once again be the cold, especially in the minimum temperatures that will remain very low, especially during the first two or three days of the month.

Hervella added that an anticyclone is still installed over the mainland along with cold air at altitude, which gives rise to very low minimum temperatures, with values registered ​​in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) of -12.3C or in Puerto del Pico ( Avila) with -11.9ºC.

On Tuesday, the generalised frosts will continue in the early hours in mountain areas and flat areas of the interior of the mainland, except in the Ebro Valley and in the southwest, but they will be somewhat less intense than those of this Monday.

Yellow 'risk' warnings

Regarding the minimum temperatures, they will drop slightly in the interior of the southern half of the country but will climb in the rest and the rise in the northeastern quadrant of Catalonia will be especially noticeable. Despite the rise, Hervella pointed out that the yellow warnings (risk) will continue due to “extreme” lows in practically the entire western half of Castilla y León and in specific areas of Madrid, Murcia, Castilla La Mancha and Andalucía. There will also be a significant risk due to rough seas in Ibiza, areas of the Strait and in the Ampurdán, where the wind will blow strongly.

Tuesday will be sunny, with blue skies and few clouds except in the eastern Cantabrian Sea and the north of the more prominent Canary Islands. The maximum temperatures will rise again in a general way and in almost all the provincial capitals they will exceed 10C except in a good part of Castilla y León.

Weaker frosts

Looking ahead to Wednesday, when the month of February will begin, the Aemet spokesperson forecasts a calm day, with very few adverse weather warnings since the risk will only be limited to coastal areas in Catalonia and some warnings due to minimum temperatures in the northwest.

In addition, she indicated that on Wednesday the frosts will be weaker inland but will continue to be "especially significant" in higher areas. The cloud and weak rainfall will be restricted to the Cantabrian coast and the Lugo coastline, although these clouds could go "a little further" into the northern half of the country, although in general terms she is confident that the general situation will be sunny and clear skies with temperatures without major changes.


In the Canary Islands, she does not rule out precipitation in the north of the islands with higher mountains and it could be in the form of snow on Tenerife from 1,600 metres.

The rest of the week will continue to be marked by the predominance of dry and sunny weather, without rain and with a slow but progressive rise in temperatures that will welcome the month of February with "some thermal comfort".

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