What will the weather be like for the start of Easter week in the south of Spain?

What will the weather be like for the start of Easter week in the south of Spain?

State weather agency, Aemet, predicts stable weather and temperatures up to 30 degrees on Palm Sunday



Monday, 27 March 2023, 17:18


Holy Week will begin in Andalucía with stable weather that will last until Easter Tuesday, registering temperatures of up to 30C on Palm Sunday in Seville province, followed by Cordoba, with 28, and Huelva and Malaga, with 27 degrees. These are the provinces that will experience higher temperatures on the first day of the Easter holiday, according to Spain's national Met Office.

However, before that, this week the anticyclonic situation will continue throughout the region, with clear skies and very few clouds. There will be high level, thin clouds that will allow the sun to pass through, predicts Juan de Dios del Pino, Aemet’s delegate in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla.

Daytime temperatures will rise slightly at the beginning of the week, with Wednesday being the hottest day and where the mercury will hit 31 degrees in Seville province, followed by Cordoba and Granada, with 30 degrees in both provinces; Jaen, with 28; Huelva, with 27; Almeria, with 25; Cadiz, with 24, and, finally, Malaga with 22 degrees, said del Pino.

As for the minimum temperatures, they will be high for this time of year, staying between 13 and 14 degrees throughout the week, said the Aemet spokesperson, although he forecast that the Costa del Sol will experience an episode of high minimum temperatures between Wednesday and Sunday, with night readings of up to 20 degrees.

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