No chance of putting the summer clothes away yet. / sur

Malaga and the Costa del Sol will see out September with high temperatures and little chance of the much-needed rain

The minimum temperatures will rise again to 19C and the maximums could be up to 31C, meteorologists say


The weather in Malaga province during this last week in September is not promising to be very autumnal. Early mornings may feel cooler, meteorologist José Luis Escudero has said in his SUR blog Tormentas y Rayos, but temperatures will remain high and this week will also be marked by strong winds on the Andalusian coast and the Alborán Sea area.

Nor can Andalucía expect much of the rain it so desperately needs this week “or possibly even next week, which will be October already,” he said.

For Malaga province, the Spanish weather agency Aemet had been forecasting showers for Friday but has now reduced the likelihood to just 15 per cent. It also said the minimum temperature will rise to 19C and the maximum could be as high as 31C, especially on Tuesday.

With regard to the wind, the forecast is for strong intervals of east or north-easterly winds in the Canary Islands, west or north-westerly in eastern Cantabria, north-easterly around the Ebro, northerly in Ampurdán, and from the west in the rest of Cantabria, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alborán.

Elsewhere, the wind will be predominantly from the north and mild in general. In Malaga there could be gusts of 25 kilometres an hour at the end of the week.