Few places will escape the rain this Tuesday. / sur

Heavy rain returns to Malaga province, with yellow weather warnings in force until midnight

Spain's Aemet weather agency is forecasting a very wet day with strong winds and high waves on the Costa del Sol


Yellow weather warnings have been issued for Malaga province today, Tuesday 13 December, and they will remain in force until midnight. Spain's Aemet weather agency is forecasting strong winds with gusts of up to 70 kilometres an hour, heavy rain in many areas and 'coastal events' with waves between two and three metres high.

Temperatures will remain similar to those on Monday, with a high of 17C in Malaga city.

The weather alerts in place this Tuesday, 13 December / aemet

The situation in the rest of Andalucía is similar, with warnings of winds up to 90 kph and heavy rain in some provinces. Aemet has issued a yellow warning for the whole day in Almeria, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Seville and Cadiz and from midday in Malaga and Granada.

Amber warning for Almeria coast

In fact, the strong wind and high seas have led to an amber weather warning for parts of the Almeria coast, and a yellow warning in the Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez, Nacimiento and Campo de Tabernas.

Aemet says the whole of Cadiz province can expect rain and strong winds today, with up to 60 litres of rainfall per hour in Grazalema, while in Cordoba the worst of the weather will be in part of the Sierra and Pedroches.

In Granada the wind will reach 80 kph at times, and in Huelva the rain willbe particularly intense, especially in the Aracena area.

Jaén can expect rain and strong winds all day today, especially in Morena and Candado, while in Malaga province the worst of the weather is likely to affect the Ronda area.

Finally, Aemet is warning of intense rain and wind in Seville province, with 40 litres of rainfall per hour expected in the Sierra Norte.