File image of tourists in Malaga ciity. Salvador Salas
Tourists stayed longer in Malaga city than they did in Madrid in 2023

Tourists stayed longer in Malaga city than they did in Madrid in 2023

The city has recorded more record-breaking figures with overnight stays doubling since 2019, the last best year for tourism

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 2 February 2024, 17:02


Tourists in Malaga city stayed an average of 2.19 days last year, ahead of Madrid and double the amount of time recorded in 2019, new figures show.

The figure is higher than the average recorded in Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza, on a par with Valencia and only surpassed by Barcelona, according to Malaga councillor for tourism Jacobo Florido, quoting data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

A total of 1,517,106 tourists who stayed in hotels chose Malaga last year to enjoy a few days' break, amounting to 3,322,281 overnight stays.

"In terms of absolute numbers of tourists and stays, these are the highest recorded in the INE's history," Florido said, pointing out that "Malaga city has grown by 15.9% in hotel tourists and 15.5% in nights booked compared to 2022, which places it ahead of the other five major cities in Spain."

Florido also pointed out the average occupancy figure of the city's hotels, which continues to grow. "This 2023 has closed with 81.2% occupancy, which is more than five points higher than in 2022, as well as two and a half points more than in 2019," he said.

A total of 59.7% of tourists were international; of these 15% were British. They were followed by Italians, Germans and French in terms of numbers. Florido also said there was an uptick in arrivals from the United States, which rose to fifth position, representing 7.1% of foreign tourists who visited Malaga city last year.

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