The punctuation marks drawn with smoke in the sky. / J. CALDERÓN

This is why a plane was 'drawing' question marks in the sky above the coast

The stunt was part of an advertising campaign from an entity owned by actor and director Antonio Banderas


Many people on the coast were asking questions on Monday about why a light aircraft was apparently drawing punctuation marks with smoke in the sky over Malaga.

Well, the mystery has been solved and SUR can reveal that the stunt was part of an aerial advertising campaign conducted by a Malaga company, that had been coordinated with the authorities at the Malaga Airport control tower.

All became much clearer on Wednesday (10 November), when the Teatro del Soho Caixabank revealed through its Twitter account that the campaign would be repeated again, so it can be deduced that the entity, owned by the Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas, is the company is behind the stunt.