Provincial authority to supply information points to help stamp out gender-based incidents at Malaga festivals this summer
Gender violence

Provincial authority to supply information points to help stamp out gender-based incidents at Malaga festivals this summer

The aim of the Diputación's 'Punto Violeta' scheme is educate people about the problem and make them feel safe

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Friday, 3 May 2024, 06:33


For the fifth consecutive year, Malaga provincial authority will make its 'Puntos Violetas' (violet points) available to municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants for the festivals and popular fairs that will be held throughout the summer.

The areas will have specialised staff available to provide information, as well as hand out informative and preventive material, at events with a large number of people, as reported on Wednesday by the Diputación Provincial de Málaga, which stressed that the aim is to "raise awareness and try to avoid any kind of gender-based incidents".

If a case is detected, the victim is given protection, as well as being offered advice on existing resources and support for their needs. This year, the project is launching information leaflets and materials such as a plastic lid, a preventive measure against possible spiking with illicit drugs.

"As the violet points are taken to events attended by many people, we hand out a chemical submission guide with information so that people know what they consist of. We also give out glass covers, a reusable and washable preventive material to cover the glass, and other items to raise awareness of other services that we can offer," councillor for equality, María Dolores Vergara, said.

"These points are important everywhere throughout the year, because there is a lot of work to be done, but it is at gatherings of people, at the busiest times of the year, that most cases of incidents and violence against women tend to occur," she added

Vergara stressed that these are usually situations in which people "are more vulnerable". "It is necessary for them to know what is happening, to identify if they have been victims of violence, to know how to distinguish it and to be able to report it," she declared.

A specialised association is in charge of this work, which aims to reach "as many towns as possible". "Each town has its own unique tourist attractions and events that are organised throughout the year, although the majority take place in the summer, which is why we recommend that the request is made in good time so that we can organise the resources," she said.

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