Luis Rodríguez, Francisca Caracuel and Cristóbal Ortega, from left to right, on Tuesday morning. SUR
Provincial authority set to approve 221-million-euro investment package to support Malaga municipalities

Provincial authority set to approve 221-million-euro investment package to support Malaga municipalities

Today's plenary session will give the green light to the 2025-2029 funding framework, where issues on health and drought will be the focus of the motions debated

Antonio M. Romero


Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 13:32


Malaga’s provincial authority, the Diputación, is to give the green light to two investment packages which will help fund the province's municipalities over the next four years, totalling 221 million euros.

The largest amount is 204 million, which is part of a funding framework called the Provincial Assistance and Cooperation Plan 2025-2029 - this is the main funding tool for the province's municipalities. The second phase of the Municipal Economic Assistance Plan (PAEM) involves 17 million euros, all of which are unconditional funds.

This was detailed on Tuesday by fourth deputy and head of assistance and cooperation, Francisca Caracuel, at a press conference, where she highlighted "the effort" of the provincial institution to inject economic oxygen into the municipal coffers.

Water policies

In the case of the Plan de Concertación, where the Partido Popular and Vox will vote in favour and the PSOE reject (Con Málaga has not yet revealed how it will vote), Caracuel pointed out the fact that six meetings have been held with the political groups - the ordinance establishes that one must be held - to achieve consensus and leave this matter "out of confrontation". She pointed out a 14% increase in the multi-annual plan will mean that in 2025 and 2026 the small and medium-sized towns will have 39.5 million, an amount that will rise to 41 million in 2027 and 2028 and will reach 42 million in 2029.

However, 30% of the funds will be conditional and to be spent on water-related initiatives to combat drought. Likewise, with regard to the PAEM, although they are unconditional funds, Francisca Caracuel urged the municipalities to have "responsibility" when allocating the money (which will range from 100,000 to 400,000 euros depending on the population) to water works.

Drought and health are the issues that will be the focus of the political motions to be debated in the plenary session on Wednesday.

Desirée Cortés, José Bernal, Josele González and Miguel Espinosa, on Tuesday morning.
Desirée Cortés, José Bernal, Josele González and Miguel Espinosa, on Tuesday morning. SUR

The Partido Popular will bring an urgent motion to the plenary session urging the government to consider drought-related temporary lay-offs as force majeure, as well as an initiative urging the central government to carry out "once and for all" the pending water infrastructure works in Malaga.

Partido Popular spokesman Cristóbal Ortega criticised that "not a single euro has been invested in these actions, nor is it planned to be invested, as there are no general state budgets for 2024". He also accused the government of being "the only administration that does not do its homework" in hydraulic matters in Malaga. The PSOE has an ordinary motion on water where it demands the Diputación to invest the 15 million committed to the Axarquia region to combat drought. "Enough of deceit, enough of selling smoke and mirrors," said José Bernal.

Against the closure of hospital's emergency department

The Socialists have also tabled an urgent motion calling on the authority to reject the definitive closure of the emergency services at Malaga city's Civil Hospital and to demand the Junta "reverse this decision" by reopening the service and "immediately" start work on the new hospital in Malaga.

Socialist spokesman Josele González said the closure is in addition to the closure of the maternity ward of the Hospital Clínico. "The cutback policies of the regional government of Moreno Bonilla are deepening the chaos and collapse of our public health system," he said.

On health matters, Con Málaga spokesman Juan Márquez will defend two motions in the plenary session: one to call for an end to the "privatisation" of Andalusian healthcare and the other to demand the reclassification of SAS statutory personnel.

Meanwhile, Vox spokesman Antonio Luna will present a motion calling on the Malaga provincial authority to create a prize for academic excellence for ESO and Bachillerato students in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants in Malaga province.

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