Hydration and a light diet are the key to facing this first big heat wave of summer. SUR
What does the weather have in store on the Costa del Sol and across Malaga province this week?

What does the weather have in store on the Costa del Sol and across Malaga province this week?

Temperatures could soar above 40C in some areas as the hot 'terral' wind blows in between Wednesday and Friday

Chus Heredia


Monday, 8 July 2024, 14:15

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There have been a couple of light bouts of the hot 'terral' wind recently, but it will be nothing like Wednesday 10 July when temperatures could soar to more than 40C in some parts of Malaga province.

The director of Aemet state weather centre in Malaga confirmed the terral will bring a blast of hot air between Wednesday and Friday, while the 'levante' will bring some reprieve at the weekend.

The terral will mostly impact the Malaga and the Guadalhorce valley areas. Riesco said Malaga Airport could reach 38C on Friday, while the mercury could rise above 40 degrees in the Guadalhorce valley.

Cool change at the weekend

A cool change in Malaga city will bring temperatures back down to between 27 and 29 degrees on Saturday, and about 33 in the Guadalhorce Valley. "This is normal for this time of year," Riesco said.

Local weather expert José Luis Escudero, head of the SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (storms and lightning) said: "Today, Monday, there is a possibility of thunderstorms along some parts of the coast of Malaga, but we will see if they stay at sea or come ashore."

"It is very likely that parts of the Guadalhorce valley area will record highs of 38 and 39 degrees, I also expect very high temperatures in the Ronda and Antequera area. The warm air that will affect the Guadalhorce valley, I don't think it will reach Malaga city, but we will know this better tomorrow. When there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the city, it will be on Friday," Escudero added.

Francisco Franco is the director of the Cátedra del Litoral and a UMA professor and said: "We will have a mild 'levante' at the beginning of the week which will keep the temperature on the beaches below 25C. But from Thursday onwards we have to prepare for the warm 'terral' winds. It would be advisable to stay well hydrated and eat a light diet with lots of salads and gazpacho to combat the risk of heat stroke," he said.

High humidity

Humidity levels of 10 are expected on most days this week. It will also be hotter in the Axarquia, but milder. Vélez will reach 38C on Thursday, but this is a more isolated episode. For the rest of the week, highs will be around 30 degrees.

On the Costa del Sol, there will be maximum temperatures of 31, 35 and 36 degrees from Wednesday to Friday. The rest of the week will be below 30.

In the Antequera area, there will be highs of 35 and 38 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday and the rest of the days slightly milder temperatures, with the usual heat in those parts. Ronda will record 37 and 36 degrees respectively in the middle of the week.

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