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Free entrance to Antequera dolmens and Museum of Malaga to be scrapped

Free entrance to Antequera dolmens and Museum of Malaga to be scrapped

Entrance for visitors to eight Junta-managed sites in Andalucía will be charged at the end of this summer, although there will be some exceptions and discounts offered

Regina Sotorrío


Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 10:40

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Museums and sites managed by the Junta de Andalucía will no longer be free to enter for visitors after the summer, with entrance fees ranging from two to six euros. The measure, which has been in the pipeline since before the Covid-19 pandemic, will come into force as soon as possible. In "the next few weeks" the order setting the price brackets will be approved by the governing authority in the region.

Entrance to eight sites in Andalucía will be charged at the end of this summer, according to the initial forecast, and among them will be the Antequera Dolmens Archaeological Ensemble and the Museum of Malaga.

It is expected it will cost six euros to access the Antequera dolmens, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and to the museum which houses the province's archaeological and artistic collection. Both appear in the draft of the order in section one, the most expensive, along with the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville and the Madinat al-Zahra Archaeological Ensemble in Cordoba. None of the venues in Malaga province appear in tranche two, with tickets costing four euros.

In the last price range, with tickets priced at two euros, will be the Acinipo archaeological enclave in Ronda and the funerary mosques in Malaga. The city's Roman theatre and the Arab baths in Ronda, however, will remain free. The Junta does not include the Alcazabilla street site or the hammam in the list of monuments and sites that will charge admission. According to sources at the regional ministry, both are part of the Agenda of Cultural Institutions and not of the Directorate General of Museums, which is the department promoting this initiative.


In all cases the usual exceptions will apply. There will be one free day a week and admission will be free for children under 18, the over 65s, the unemployed, dependent persons and accompanying persons, tourist guides, teaching staff and members of museum associations. There will also be a 50% discount for large families.

The aim of the measure, which began with Patricia del Pozo at the regional ministry, is to provide these spaces with their own funds that will be used to improve the sites and museums. Regional minister of culture Arturo Bernal said it will be applied "in an increasing manner", starting with charging entrance fees in "eight of the main museums" in the region. From there, the rest will be integrated "when the necessary conditions are met in each of them".

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