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Computer glitch that caused havoc in Malaga hospitals rectified
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Computer glitch that caused havoc in Malaga hospitals rectified

The software programme, which is used to schedule appointments and diagnostic tests, crashed on Monday, and health officials say it is happening too often

Matías Stuber

Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 11:11


A computer glitch which affected health management systems of various hospitals in Malaga province has been rectified.

A crash of the Diraya software, which is used for health management in hospitals, health centres and pharmacies, caused problems throughout Monday 13 May. As confirmed to SUR by the health delegate in Malaga, Carlos Bautista, the first faults were detected early in the afternoon.

Diraya is a programme used to centralise processes ranging from appointment scheduling to diagnostic tests. It is also used in pharmacies to manage the dispensing of drugs or to consult medical records. Without the tool, doctors had a difficult working day, with the care of many patients delayed.

Diraya was back online by 6pm after technicians were able to correct the fault, according to the health delegate in Malaga. "It is a system that fails a lot. In the long term, we will have to change it for another one," said Bautista.

The Malaga Medical Union pointed out the problem with the computer system caused "delays" in patient care and complications have arisen in areas such as radiology.

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