Jhony Marchena, in the Cortijo de Torres auditorium, where most of the events he brings to Malaga are held. Sur
The Cadiz-born artist bringing nearly 20 concerts to Malaga this summer

The Cadiz-born artist bringing nearly 20 concerts to Malaga this summer

Jhony Marchena, promoter of Eternidad Eventos, makes his mark on the province's schedule with the intention of continuing: Perita Fest kicks off this Friday

Cristina Pinto

Friday, 7 June 2024, 16:15

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He already knew what it was like to work on big events in Malaga. Cadiz-born Jhony Marchena, promoter of Eternidad Eventos, brought Jennifer Lopez to Marenostrum Fuengirola for the first time back in 2019, and has also worked sporadically in the province with other artists, such as David Bisbal, and on several events in Torremolinos. But in 2024, he has a schedule of events that includes almost 20 concerts and festivals. "Malaga interested us a lot, and we have come to try to create a programme every year," Marchena confesses to SUR.

The diverse agenda of Eternidad Eventos begins this Friday, 7 June, with Perita Fest at the Cortijo de Torres auditorium, with performances from Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Macaco, Tomasito, Astola y Ratón, Javi Medina, Pure Negga and Monchi Dj.

It then continues on Saturday - also in the same auditorium - with the production of Los40 Malaga and continues from 15 June with India Martínez, Sergio Dalma, José Mercé, Farruko, Raule, Luis Fonsi and with festivals like Maleducaos, featuring SFDK, Trueno, Gordo Master, Lia Kali; as well as Viaje a los 90 and Live Aid Festival, among others.

There is also a programme for after the summer with a second Perita Fest on 2 November, this time in Torremolinos with Raule, Javi Medina and El Duende Callejero. "Our intention is to establish ourselves here, we know that we have arrived with a strong plan," Marchena says.

This means that there is a new competitor in the ever-growing musical offering in Malaga. "We know that we are just another competitor and there is already a lot of competition here, but in the end the promoters who will survive will be the ones who can hold out the longest or reach the artists the earliest. We come to plan events all year round, although we know that the province is saturated with concerts," says the promoter from Cadiz.

For the start of the season in Malaga with Perita Fest, they expect "around 5,000 people" to attend. Eternidad Eventos have been working as promoters for eight years, know the sector and know that everything takes time. "We knew there was competition, but it's true that Malaga is saturated with concerts and our sales are going smoothly, although we expected many more. The good thing is that we are patient, we have only just arrived," says Marchena.

When analysing the industry, the promoter is critical of the situation outside of the province of Malaga. "We are affected by the big stadiums of 70,000 people or even 100,000, because they attract families who not only have to pay the entrance fee, but also travel and have to pay for their stay. Macro-concerts and big expenses mean that the cities like Malaga lose attendees. From here, there are good connections to get to cities like Madrid, for example, in less than three hours," the promoter states.

But he is confident in Malaga and in last-minute sales: "We know from experience that there is a lot of last-minute shopping here. We are confident about this and we are very happy with our new experience in the province," adds Marchena, who has not only set up his business in Malaga, but has also moved to Fuengirola. "I'm here to stay," he concludes.

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